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Inner Healing

Inner Healing sessions are designed to "heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free" (Isaiah 61:1).  In these sessions, the Holy Spirit wants to touch you in the places of your deepest suffering - in your heart, mind, and the inner core of your being. Two trained team members will guide you through an encounter with the Holy Spirit to heal your broken heart and transform your mindsets. Jesus died to set you free! It's Jesus' desire for you to be whole and healthy in your spirit, soul, and body.

Journey to Freedom

This process of freedom and healing is done in a weekend experience.  During the weekend, you will gain an understanding of how toxic emotions, lies, ungodly beliefs, and pain have affected your relationships. As the Holy Spirit reveals truth, you will journey with Him through repentance, forgiveness, and healing.  (See page on Journey to Freedom for more information.)

Breaking Off Curses, Generational Sins, & Soul-Ties

Scripture is clear that generational curses and word curses dramatically affect your life (Exodus 34:7). It is just as clear that Jesus redeemed you by becoming a curse for you (Galatians 3:13). Lies, ungodly beliefs, and ungodly ties to people, places, things can interfere with living free. Members of the Freedom team will lead you into breaking off generational sins and iniquities, cutting ungodly soul-ties, and reversing curses.  You will learn how to renounce lies and declare the Truth.

Steps to Freedom & Healing

The Steps to Freedom & Healing is a process that will lead you into dealing with seven main issues that negatively affect your life. The Steps to Freedom will teach you that you CAN hear and recognize the Spirit, as He reveals things He wants to refine and heal.  They are designed to train you for the life-long process of "getting free and staying that way!"  Our goal is to ensure that you understand the importance of each step.  We want to equip you to continue to deal with issues, past or present, as the Holy Spirit reveals them in the months and years to come. You will definitely experience freedom and healing during this process, but it is just as much about equipping and launching you into taking responsibility for your spiritual health and freedom. 

Confrontational Deliverance

Confrontational Deliverance deals with demonic interference in your life.  By the leading of the Holy Spirit, a trained team of ministers will discern the demonic influence that is occurring and deal with it accordingly. The process includes identifying and tearing down strongholds, as well as casting out demons. The ministry team will battle with you, declare truth over you, and pray blessings into your life throughout the process. Confrontational deliverance does not necessarily deal with all of the bondage or addiction in your life. It WILL however, clear out as many demonic control issues as the Spirit reveals.  It will free you to continue to pursue Jesus without severe demonic interference.

Christian Mentoring/Discipling

Christian Mentoring/Discipling is part of the freedom development that takes place both before and after the above processes. Discipleship is of the utmost importance if you are struggling to walk with Jesus consistently. Our team will help you to understand the forgiveness, healing, and deliverance that are accessible through salvation in Christ. After you have completed our processes, we will follow-up with you as you continue to walk out your freedom journey.

We are a faith-based ministry and do not charge a fee except for $175 for the Journey to Freedom healing weekend. However, we do accept tax deductible love offerings and donations.

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