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Journey to Freedom
Wilderness Edition for Women

Join us in the mountains and wild areas of Pennsylvania for a 4 day/3 night backpacking adventure. 

This is a Spirit-Lead weekend in the wilderness where you will work through your Journey to Freedom and experience deep healing through Jesus.

What to Expect:

A Spirit-led Experience. Jesus died to heal the broken-hearted and to set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1). He died to set you free from everything that gets in the way of living a full and vibrant life (John 10:10). Jesus wants to touch you and free you in the places of your deepest suffering.  During the weekend in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit will guide you into discerning the areas where He wants to do a deep work.

An Adventure. You will have an opportunity to experience the adventure of backpacking.  This includes carrying everything you need on your back, sleeping in tents, warming up with campfires, and sharing meals and life with your Journey-mates for the weekend.  You will hike no more than 4 miles a day between campsites and will carry 25lb backpacks. Expect to experience the wilderness and freedom of the backcountry.

Cost: The cost of the weekend is $175.  This includes all necessary backpacking gear, shared evening meals, and program materials. Backpacking groups will meet in Middleburg, PA and travel together to the designated trailhead.  Participants must purchase their hiking boots, backpacking breakfast foods, and backpacking lunch foods. A complete gear list and detailed itinerary will be provided upon registration.  See the dates page for upcoming wilderness weekends.

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